8 Stories About What BS is still being taught to children?

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My 5th grade teacher taught us that our blood was blue until exposed to oxygen and that's why our veins looked blue. 10 year old me called bullshit and got detention. I had spent alot of time in the hospital at that point in my life and had seen my blood drawn enough times to know that was crap.

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When they don't teach children how to handle death and grief but they instead lie to said child to spare the pain that they should learn to understand so they can handle more in the future, sesame Street did it and big bird was devastated but he learned to cope and move on stronger, essentially what I'm saying is;: parents if your child pet dies and the kid is devastated don't lie, tell them the truth and help them cope, and help them understand and comprehend why, so when you the parent may die, the child is more equipped to handle grief and not fall apart like I did when my mother died at age 12.

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I remember in middle school science class we had an in-class lab on this one. We were taught about how the tongue map worked, and then our job was to experience it for ourselves. You'd go to different stations with foods of different flavors, and place them on different regions of your tongue and document the results.

Of course, as the tongue map is bullshit, I didn't find any results. Naturally, as any academic would, I faked the data. Big mistake. The purpose of the lesson was to show us that you don't always find the results that you're told you will, so I got a zero

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"Ignore bullies and they'll leave you alone."

When you do that, one of two things are likely to happen. Either they'll mess with you more, or they'll move to someone else and bully them.

If you stand up to bullies, they back down. The earlier in life you put these people in their place, the less likely they'll develop their bad behavior as a lifelong practice.

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Dude. I remember in junior high there was this kid named Tom. He was a cool fuckin dude but he was poor and white trash. Kid was JACKED. Just had straight redneck rage. Anyway, one day we got this new kid named Chris who comes to our school. He was taller, also jacked, and just mean. Big dick alpha male kinda guy. Of course, he starts picking on Tom, which was his mistake. I will NEVER forget the sickening crunch of Tom punching Chris in the eye, the blood all over the floor, and how swollen his eye was, and the fury that was in Tom’s eyes as he defended himself. I swear to fuck that broke something in that bully that day, because he had to have reconstructive eye socket surgery and he was never the same. Careful who you fuck with.

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Before our child was born we told our families not to put pictures of them on social media because we felt that if they want to be all over the internet it should be their choice. No one listens and I fucking hate it. If my wife sends a pic of them to my MIL it's on her facebook within minutes then it gets shared around the family. My wife even started posting pictures. When I explained to my MIL why I don't post pictures of them at all I was accused of being ashamed to be a parent and not loving my child. Privacy is looked down upon and social media success is way too overvalued.

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“Studies are more important, there will be time for friends later” as an adult who cannot speak to people I’ll tell you now, you need to learn how basic communication skills early in life because later on people will be complete assholes and won’t give you the time of day.

Edit. Hm I’m starting to think I also should’ve noted that I’m quite skewed since I’m autistic and don’t understand most social cues.

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If a boy hits you, that just means he likes you. Heard that a lot as a kid and I’m sure people are still spouting it.

Edit: It’s genuinely surprising to hear that so many people have never heard of this before. Maybe it’s a southern thing??

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Written by Samantha Clarkson

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